Friday, October 2, 2009

Male Supremacy

These all trickled in throught the last week...

The reissue of the first Carnivore LP. Reissued on gatefold double vinyl, with demos of what would later become the Retaliation LP. This was a must have when I stumbled across it at my local record store, even if it's the inferior to their next album. Classic NYC cross-over from Pete Steele and co.
Long hairs.
I know I don't post much about rap on this blog, but truth be told, I listen to nearly as much of it as I do the regular Skull Fucked fodder, I just don't buy many rap LP's. Anyway, you should at least know about Immortal Technique. The best MC to emerge from New York in the last ten years. This is his latest album, a mix tape with DJ Green Lantern, The Third World. New album proper due within the next twelve months I've heard.
Told you I'd get it... Extortion/Septic Surge split 7" on black.
Virtually the final piece to the Extortion puzzle for me at the moment. This is the reissued 7" on LP on green. I think 200 of these were pressed on green for the Californian tour last year, of which pretty much all were sold (bar a few select copies that were given to friends and the like at home here in OZ). I've been searching high and low for this record for the last six months with no luck, untill DX announced he was selling his personal copy. Of course I had to grab it, even if I paid a silly amount for it.

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