Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Magrudergrind LP

As the title states, the new self titled LP by Magrudergrind is due out May 5th. Virtually everything this band has done over the last three years or so has been damn near perfect. They've got three new tracks from the album posted on their myspace at the moment and it's groin melting stuff I tell you. Evident with these new songs is a definite more 'straight up' hardcore influence, with some very obvious breakdowns/mosh kinda bits. See the track "Excommunicated" for a a prime example. If I were to make a judgement I would say that these new styles would definitely be a thanks to the addition of new guitarist RJ, who replaced Marc around one year ago. The stuff that the band recorded for the "This Comp Kills Fascists" compilation after his introduction last year also displayed some of these new mosh tendencies. Don't worry, all the grind is still there, the guys just make room for some new stuff every now and then. Go check the band out, amazing is a cliched as fuck description, but it's an accurate one.

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