Tuesday, February 24, 2009


New scores...

The new Hatred Surge ep "Isolated Human". You know the deal with this band. Painkiller Records. Mega delayed but worth it for sure. The best stuff Alex has done yet, bar the work with Iron Lung. Clear orange wax.

The second Vicious Cycle 7", "I'm Watching You" on black. Vinyl Addict. Better than their first ep that I uploaded a few weeks back. More Boston, less youth crew. Great band. I'll probably upload this one eventually.
Rotting Out "This Is Just A Life "7". Red vinyl. I'm kind of confused about this 7". It's on World Won't Listen Records, but I swear I remember hearing at one point that these guys were putting their first 7" out on 6131. This actual record is just the demo re-released, plus (I think) three new originals and two covers (FEAR and Adolescents), so maybe they are still doing a release with said label? Eh, dunno. To be honest I think the only real reason I grabbed this 7" was because I'm OCD. They're not even that good, but I already had the demo tape, so I had to complete the collection. Pretty run of the mill modern thrash ala Outbreak mixed with some NY inspired breaks. Most kids will love this though...

Next is the Creatures/Downpresser split 7". "Tracks To Nowhere" on Fineprint Records. I've raved on about both of these bands in the past, as both of their releases prior to this one just killed it, but as it always has been throughout history, generally split records are a fail and this one is no excuse. Well that may be a little harsh. Neither side is bad, it's just neither is amazing either. Creatures definitely have the upper hand with this one though, the songs just being mega harsh and angry, just like their 7", but I dunno, there's a spark missing. None of these songs are as catchy as the stuff on the first record. Downpresser generally just play too slow here. Whereas the MLP was tough as fuck NY hardcore with plenty of mosh, and speed as well, this material is just slow, and rather boring. I heard about them doing a new LP soon though, so I am hoping it'll be good. Black wax.
Last up... "Fucking Up And Falling Hard" by Hostile Takeover from California. Another so-so release on 625 Thrash. I mean great fastcore/thrash that I'd rate over alot of the other shit coming out at the moment, but as with most 625 stuff that's all it is. Just great. Nothing more. Not mind blowing. If you like anything that 625 has done, you'll love this. Black wax.

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