Monday, March 16, 2009

50 Lions 2nd s/t 7"

Got this today. Red wax /100. Alot of douche bag kids seem to think that this limited colour may fetch them some good cash down the track. I'd assume that they're basing this idea on the large dollar sums the bands first 7" goes for these days. They think they're smart. I think they're idiots.

A) That first s/t 7" has somewhat of a 'cult' status for lack of a better word, in that it was released before the band reached they're current level of popularity, on a small time record label. This new ep has been pressed by this countries largest label Resist Records.
B) Of the three different covers that they printed for that first record, the pre order/Michael Jordan cover fetches the most, being limited to fifty... though it's the same in quantity as the record release cover of fifty, which fetches less. I think you can base that one purely on the funky cover art of the Jordan cover. I'll admit it is impressive. But this new record cover art is average at best. 
So in short you dicks, this isn't an investment, it's just fandom. And the music? Well I haven't listened yet, but I reckon I know what it'll sound like.

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