Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick Of Talk upload (100th post yhew)

Sick Of Talk were a pretty raging PV inspired band that existed long enough to release two eps worth of fast, rough hardcore very reminiscent of early (i'm talking first 7" early) Think I Care. So if you know of that first TIC record, you know I mean pretty much Infest/Crossed Out worship. It's got that modern vibe going that alot of bands from this day and age posses as well, ie youth crew styled breaks. They broke up around 2-3 years ago soon after releasing the 'Raked Over The Coals' 7". I might note that each release that I have uploaded here has a different vocalist, though each dude does sound somewhat similar. Rumours circulated for a little while about an upcoming LP, though I haven't heard talk (pun?) of that one for a while now. Who knows? Maybe we'll see it? Will rule if so.

So I have included here both of the bands releases: the s/t 7", and the 'Raked Over The Coals' 7". My record player is somewhat crappy, not too bad, but there is a little crackle here and there. So what, this is supposed to be rough.

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