Monday, December 17, 2012


Before a few months ago I had no idea this record even existed. One day I just happened to stumble across Kyle Whitlow's blog post about his early Terror records, saw this EP included, and decided I'd hunt it down. This is the first Terror vinyl release, the "Don't Need Your Help/Push It Away" 7" single pressed by Takeover Records back in 2002. 1000 copies, all on clear vinyl. Obviously both of these songs reappeared on the bands debut album on B9 Records a year later in a new, bigger recording, so I suspect that unless you're a firm Terror collector nerd, you probably don't need this record. Now I am no Terror collector nerd, but I certainly love this early, stripped down Terror. Simple recording, simple ideas. I also love the early aesthetic that the band employed with many of their releases back then; iconic yellow TERROR logo in caps with a black and white live photo backing. Can't beat it really. The band have a new album due next year and Reaper Records have recently launched orders for a new 7" single, "Hard Lessons", to help build hype for it. I suspect that I'll have a copy to post about in the coming weeks.

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J@screamingforrecords said...

Picked this up a couple of months ago myself. It's a good looking record. Like you I'd never seen it before till I picked it up.