Sunday, December 16, 2012


As I've documented a couple of times recently, Earache Records seem to be on a bit of a reissue binge at the moment, pressing a number of albums from their early catalogue that were either previously long out of print, or never actually available on vinyl. All the early Napalm Death stuff is currently seeing the spotlight again, as the two Iron Monkey long players finally receive the vinyl treatment too. Another prominent and much touted release from this year is this reissue of the previously massively hard to obtain sophomore Bolt Thrower LP, "Realm Of Chaos". As far as I know, the entire press is sold out at this point, while this colour here, "eye of terror purple" of 100 copies disappeared in roughly 10 minutes. Previously a prime contender for one of the top records on my want list for a long time,  I was up at something ridiculous like 3am to grab this LP when it went up for sale in the Earache Euro webstore.
Completely revised artwork from the 1989 original press of this record, attributed entirely to various licensing quarrels with the Warhammer fantasy gaming company, this new spread was created from scratch by original Warhammer artist John Sibbick, the fellow who also penned the work for the first version. In terms of theme, the spread here isn't entirely removed from that OG work; depictions of a futuristic war ridden landscape, employing similar characters and colours. Though original copies of this album consistently sell for upwards of $70-$80 in places like eBay and Discogs, I wouldn't argue with someone if they wanted to sell (or give) me one, first press artwork being the prime motivating factor.
I would be curious to know what the band think of this Earache reissue. As far as I know, they don't take any royalties from Earache reissues like this, due to various contractual loopholes. As dodgy as it may be, it's also time for the label to reissue At The Gates and Entombed (fingers crossed, I'd love some crisp copies of those bands records).


VII said...

Looks great! Awesome pictures too.

J@screamingforrecords said...

Yeah I'm really hoping they bring us some entombed reissues too

Across Your Face said...

I love this cover art!