Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This is the first of two new 7"s from Toronto's Purity Control, "Coping". Limited white wax pressed by High Anxiety Records and No Idea Records, the EP that's to follow this, "Adjusting" is due in the next few weeks directly from the band themselves. The cleanest recording that they have employed so far, the tracks here see them making a vast progression onwards from the simplistic powerviolence styles of their two previous demo tapes. Fear not, they still put to use an intense blast beat offset by slower bits approach, but with this EP, the blasts are faster, verging on grindcore, and the slow bits are more methodical and groove based, relying less on sludge driven dirge. Payson is now in sole control of all vocals, and his higher pitched chords on their own certainly detract from the mentioned PV styles of old too. The band are now drawing less from an obvious Crossed Out influence, and relying far more on their own individual approach. It might also be worthy of mention that the band had this thing mixed by Will Killingsworth, so it's got a pretty razor sharp, loud sound going on too. Fans of the things that Mr. K has been involved with over the last few years will probably like this.

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