Thursday, December 13, 2012


New demo tape, "Iron Skulls" from newish Melbourne band, Reincarnation. Pretty obvious late 80's NYHC worship ala "Best Wishes" era Cro Mags. Not sure of the story, but this band is comprised of some members (or possibly the bulk) of another Melbourne band who've managed to garner a bit of attention in the last 18 months, Ill Vision. I haven't heard that band so I wouldn't be able to tell you how it differs. This thing though has a somewhat individual approach (relatively speaking in terms of a lot of other bands from Victoria at the moment), most apparent in the vocalists approach. Certainly channelling a fair bit of Flanagan in his style, while also incorporating heaps of those little flicks that JJ used so well on "Age Of Quarrel". I suspect fans of a lot of harder, cleaner sounding Australian bands will find interest in this demo.


Across Your Face said...

Incredible artwork. I looked at it and immediately thought "best wishes", good call.

Thomo said...

this demo is fucking shit