Monday, December 10, 2012


Buncha tapes recently procured from Dustin at Look Alive Records, these are a selection of new CS releases that he has recently been associated with. First up is the new demo tape from The Uk's Paranoid. Fast, HARDcore with a pretty Think I Care vibe. 25 copies only.

Next, the new tape from Harbringer out of Florida, "Opinion Nation". Raging metallic hardcore with a  really cool Merauder/All Out War/Buried Alive vibe. Clean, heavy recording and a really gruff sounding vocalist. I can see this stuff setting pits alight. 

Demo tape from Sharpshooter from The Jeresy Shore. Very nerdy, blatant early Lockin Out vibe here akin to something like Dumptruck and The Jaguarz. Australians will likely find similarites to our own Jungle Fever also. Mosh bits, goofy vocals, fast breaks, chilled vibes.

And this next one I have zero details on. I think they're called In Justice System but I can't find any details on them anywhere. Gruff hardcore that doesn't seem to have a huge amount of direction. Crunchy guitars punctuate mid to fast paced tempos with yelled vocals. I keep thinking of early Outbreak with a slightly harder edge when I listen to this.

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Dustin said...

Yeah that INJ/SYS tape is Injustice System. I didn't release that one or anything, I threw it in the package just because.