Sunday, December 30, 2012


Brand new EP, "Termini Terrae" from Northie Holy Terror degenerates Rot In Hell. Pressed by Dwid Hellion's rejuvenated label, Dark Empire Records, on two colours of 100 each; white vinyl, and this blue variation. Artwok by the always top notch Give Up. This new 7" marks the first 'small record' release from the band that isn't a split record since their demo was put to vinyl back in 2008 (discounting the Úlfhéðinn 7", there were only 30 of those things pressed, someone hook me up BTW). This EP also marks the introduction of new vocalist, everyone's favourite, Lecky of Voorhees fame. I think a lot of people were convinced that the band was more or less over when it was announced that Nate was departing, his style was so definable and so geared towards that perfect Holy Terror metallic hardcore sound, but Lecky has done a brilliant job filing the void and I will go out on a limb here and say that these four songs are probably my favourite from the band since the demo. Possibly their loudest and most energetic recording to date, Lecky's pipes are just in top notch for a guy of his age and history. Essential hardcore for what's left of 2012.

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Frank said...

Managed to get the last copy on red just now. Looking forward to hearing the new songs.