Saturday, July 22, 2017


Kommand- Demo Tape
First Edition, 2017

Easily the best demo that I've heard since the second Obscure Burial demo from a couple years ago, and a possible contender for my favourite outright release of this year. I haven't listened to any record or tape by any other new band this year more than this debut demo tape from LA's Kommand. Three simple, punchy, relatively short bursts of Death Metal that take cues from stuff like Mexican overlords Cenotaph (earlier) and some of the early 90's Finnish masters. An excellent, raw recording punctuates heavy riffs, tremolo picking, plenty of double kicking and blast beats. Themed 100% lyrically from the point of view of, and visually around Islamic extremism and the caliphate, it's a unique approach for any extreme band, but the thought does cross my mind about how they will be able to continue with the theme if they manage to move beyond this demo stage and release an extended collection of songs. Many of these great demo bands never do get beyond this stage, but I really hope that they do.

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