Sunday, July 30, 2017


Obituary- s/t LP (Relapse)
First Pressing, 2017
Black Vinyl /3700

This marks only the second piece of Obituary vinyl to hit my collection, though there's quite a few more releases of theirs that I wish I had. In fact I would argue that despite what seems like more common opinion amongst the Metal elite, there's not single LP of theirs that isn't a banger. Their last album and Relapse debate "Inked In Blood" wasn't received very well but I loved it, and had I been able to secure a copy at a reasonable price (couldn't find one in any stores for under $60, ridiculous), I would have snapped it up. Thankfully I recently stumbled across this copy of their latest work in my local record store for a totally acceptable price tag. From what I can see online and in Death Metal circles, it seems that it has hit all the right marks with the wider community, garnering many positive reviews, and I'd say that there isn't a single snoozer on here. As with everything that they've done, the whole album is punctuated with that signature mutant groove and Tardy's hellish vocals, possibly the most identifiable in Death Metal? Nine new tracks here and a re-release of the title track from the "Ten Thousand Ways To Die" live record that they put out last year. The artwork is a bit lacking if you ask me, certainly a departure from the usual work anyway, but the jacket is pressed in a foil stamp and the cover is embossed and raised a little, so that's cool I guess. Regardless, the music is worth the purchase price.

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