Wednesday, April 17, 2013


To top off the short run of Roskopp releases from the last few days, I've got the American band's split 7" with Doubled Over from Melbourne. Black vinyl, pressed by Give Praise, Psycho Control and Nuclear Ass Records. I'd have to say that this is my favourite of the American Roskopp's material. Again, it's relatively straight forward, no frills grindcore, but the recording is probably one of their better, and their vocalist is at the top of his game. Relentless blasts top it off. The Double Over side is also great. More great, no frills grind with a loud recording, this was the bands demo originally, then they put it to this split. And if it couldn't get any more confusing, Doubled Over's drummer, Christoph is actually the original drummer for the Australian Roskopp. This split was originally meant to be a Roskopp/Roskopp split 7" but then the Aus version broke up, so the work was turned over to Doubled Over.


Across Your Face said...

What amazing artwork and layout on this thing. Brutal

markxboulton said...

One of my favourite splits, didnt know it was the doubled over demo