Friday, April 26, 2013


New four track, s/t 7" from Arizona's now defunct noise pricks, Avon Ladies, pressed by Fashionable Idiots and Distort. Green wax. A band put together by Chris Ebra of H100s fame, I suppose this would be a record that you'd expect Dan of Distort to have a hand in pressing, given how heavily he's lauded Ebra and his many works over the years. The hardcore you get here probably isn't quite as A.D.D. as some of his previous bands, but just as sloppy, and with much the same attitude. Fans of that wider 90's scummy Clevo sound will certainly dig these guys, though there's a noticeably darker vibe going on here. As you'd expect from DX and co, minimalist packaging is the name of the game, with a 45 hole 7", and a simple folded, one sided sleeve. No inserts, no liner notes. Not even a track list.

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Dustin said...

Weird, my copy came with a little note that had Erba's original ad where he was lookingfor a band. Pretty awesome ad too.