Saturday, April 6, 2013


There's hardly much point trying to find new qualities to cover when posting about new Vaccine records. From their demo, through a number of EP and (one) split releases, to this new 7" of theirs, "Dead Inside", they haven't progressed an inch from their original patented brand of furious, whirlwind, blast violence. Here's the American, Painkiller Records press of the EP on black vinyl. As I've mentioned maybe a couple times in the past on here, I question how much longer a band of this nature can continue before participants get to the point where they're stuck for new ideas. I can't imagine this band ever being able to put enough material together for a full length. As it stands now, though they've penned something in the vicinity of 35 tracks, total recorded output barely extends beyond a total of 15 minutes, all of it of the fantastically violent, cyclonic, brutal persuasion.  It seems somewhat appropriate then that before ever getting the chance to 'progress artistically' and go on to ruin their brilliantly nasty reputation, the band have actually decided to call it quits, having played their final show a few weeks back. One more post mortem release is due, in the form of a split 7" record with No Faith in the coming weeks.

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