Friday, April 5, 2013


I didn't dig too much on the Perspex Flesh demo tape from last year. Everyone seemed to go on about it, but something about the recording just didn't seem right to me. I didn't really expect to develop much more interest in the band beyond that either, but I've been massively surprised by, and become more or less obsessed with this new 7" of theirs, "Ona". Initial press in an addition of 500 copies on this grey smudge thing, put together by Video Disease Records. I'd hope most people would be at least familiar with this band; misanthropic, dense, ugly hardcore from Leeds, with a stark outsider vibe. They certainly take initial cues from a handful of the more weirdo USHC groups of the early 80's, but they also include a real individual, deranged sound of their own. Some stark, uneasy lyrics complete the package and manage to take the vibe even further. New LP due at some point this year too, everyone would be better off for keeping an ear out for it.

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Cam said...

Saw these guy's a couple of weeks ago play with Voorhees at the 1in12 in Bradford. Top notch stuff !