Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Following a demo tape last year, Spain's Altercado Espiritual return with a new EP that I guess would be considered the Demo 7". Pressed by Stomp Records and Discos Espirituales, what you get here is all but one track from that tape in the exact same recording, plus three new tracks from the same sessions. As I mentioned last time, this stuff is just balls out, Boston '82 styled hardcore with a massive Spanish vibe. Some lyrics in English, some in Spanish (which is obviously where I get that vibe from).

The guys in the band were also kind enough to throw in this version with the limited sleeve. Not sure of the numbers or anything of the like.You get the reference right?

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Across Your Face said...

That elephant cover is one of my favorite covers of the year probably. Being a life long oakland a's fan, I've always had a weird obsession with elephants. So sick, got to pick this up... And love the brotherhood rip!!!