Monday, April 15, 2013


In terms of essential Australian grindcore, Melbourne's Roskopp would have to be near the top of the pile for me. For the longest time though, I didn't realise that there is actually two grind bands with the same name. One version managed to release this s/t 7" here, along with a split 7" with Agents Of Abhorrence (posted about here a few years ago) and a CD LP, then they broke up. For those who may not know (like I didn't), the remaining records released by the band of this name have been released by the band from Colorado, who are still active. Anyway, as far as I can tell, this is a recent repress on black with green smudges, pressed by Crucificados Records. This was originally meant to be a demo, but Crucificados liked it so much that they approached the band about pressing it to wax. Six tracks of loud, crushing grind, recorded at the bands rehearsal space back in 2005. They also do a brilliant job at a Phobia cover.

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markxboulton said...

Where did you get this from Sean? I want one