Sunday, April 14, 2013


Since my last bout of posts concerning Polish grind freaks, Suffering Mind, they've been somewhat busy. Four releases since then and recording for something like an additional eight, these guys would be one of the more prolific groups within grindcore. This is their latest EP, the "Gates Of Suffering" 5" on green wax of 500 copies, and with a gatefold sleeve. Released by Crucificados, 625 Thrash and I Feel Good Records. New EP may be a bit of a misleading statement though, as there's only one new song here, the opener, "Bramy Cierpienia", the remaining four tracks originally appearing on the bands ultra limited s/t 2" and "Death To False Grind" 3" records from a few years back. Those familiar with the band will know exactly what to expect here: ruthless, no frills GRIND. Nothing more.

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