Saturday, April 13, 2013


Byron's blast tyrants, Shackles continue with their relentless sabotage of the popular Australian hardcore scene with this brand new s/t 12" EP. Clear wax of 100 copies, again pressed by Arrest Records Australia. Further proving that you don't need to play some moshed up wigga core to gain popularity in this countries mainstream scene (though I'd say that the band is likely only one of two current examples of this), the band delve further into their messier tendencies with this new music, utilising what could possibly be their roughest recording to date, thanks in large part to the filth drenched mastering job courtesy of Will Killingsworth. It would seem that newish drummer Ben's superior blasting abilities also contribute a crucial factor in the bands clearly growing penchant for the hastier and dirtier. Their best stuff yet, I am very interested to hear the new 7" they have due on Urbn Rage Records in the next few months.

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