Friday, March 25, 2011

Das Tierdama

This is the new Rot In Hell/Horders split 7" thanks to UK label Feast Of Tentacles. Blue vinyl of 100 copies. Not to be confused with the Rot In Hell/Hordes split from a few years back, this is certainly not what you'd expect for a release of this nature.
Came with this ouija board pointer thing guitar pick to follow with the layout as you can see. As pretty as I may be, it didnt actaully occur to me what was going on here until after a few days of recieving it. Cool idea none the less.
The two Rot In Hell tracks are acoustic numbers with smooth crooning, both written and played by xPOIx, one of the bands guitarists (I think so anyway). No percussion, no bass. Just a man and his axe. The two songs seem to differ a little to me, the first, 'Das Tierdama' has what I portray as a distinct 80's kind of sound. I have no idea how to articulate it properly, but my girlfriend reckons it sounds like The Smiths or something like that. I don't dig on that band, but she's probably right, she always is. The second song 'Heraclitus' has a 90's beard punk feel to it, but once again, I don't really listen to much stuff like that so I may be wrong. It's my favourite of the two (I actually posted about it a few weeks back).
The Horders side is a slow, noise/acoustic number. It's got some 'ambience', but it just comes across to me as the kind of thing you sit back and chill to. It's interesting, but it's not really worth a repeated listen unless you're the kind of dude who really likes this stuff. It obviously goes way over my head, but there's certainly a market for it I guess. I should mention too that Horders is actually the music alias of a one Give Up, the man responsible for this splits art and layout, amongst many other notable works over the last few years.
When it comes to being a collector dick head, RIH are just about the only current band that I like that release really cool, nerdy shit at a heavy rate. It's way too hard keeping up with them on this side of the globe, but I'm doing my best.

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Frank said...

Missed out on the pre-order but just grabbed this from giveup. Stoked.