Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fire Will Destroy All Things

I don't often post much else on here anymore other than vinyl acquisitions, and this is for various reasons, the main being the fact that I'm not normally too on the ball when it comes to immediate happenings within the hardcore/vinyl/news realm and odds are that by the time I post most stuff, most of you would already probably be aware of it. So with that in mind I leave it to my wax. I had to post this today though; this is a link to a great acoustic track from Rot In Hell that they just posted on their blog. Now aware of the fact that these guys love to take this piss, even this post wreaks of their typical English whit, I'm pretty sure that this is actually them. Regardless, it's a fucking fantastic song. The kind of stuff that I never listen to but this grabbed me immediately. Chilled music played by gruff old men. Give it a try...

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