Monday, February 28, 2011

Songs About Hunting

Here's a record I thought I'd just have a shot at basically. Vaccuum from San Fransisco play noisy, fuzzy, shit drenched hardcore. Their demo from last year was a stern nod to everything from mid west 80's USHC to later burning sprits hardcore and the like. It was rough in all the right places. This new 7" travels a similar path, though the production is even more shitty, with alot more reverb laid on. This is on black wax of 500 copies. Lengua Armada Records.
I think I preferred the demo, this gets a little too muddy at times and the reverb on the singers pipes gets so deep sometimes that you almost lose him. Now I'm certainly no enemy of thick reverb but this gets a little too much for me.
Single folded transparency paper insert with various liner notes, lyrics etc.

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