Thursday, March 24, 2011

Arrested At Lunch

I only really bought the following 10" for the impressive packaging. You've most probably heard about this one already, the "Doombox" 10" by Graf Orlock. Black vinyl, Vitriol Records.
After being very underwhelmed by their live show last year, I kind of started to realise that this band gets by more on it's gimmicks than anything else. Silly lyrical themes, heaps of corny samples, wierd packaging with all of their releases, and reletively bland music. Now there is worse out there, but there's alot better too. I understand buying this record makes me part of the hype train too, don't even go there.
The packaging: the sleeve folds out into this boombox. Whoever designed this is a smart mother fucker. Very cool.
Also come with a CD of all of the bands previous material, that sits nicely on this dock as part of the package. A lid comes down over it too.
This album marks the introduction of a new singer, and I won't lie, his style is terrible. He really sounds like he's struggling with this. Really weak, snotty attempted vocals that don't do anything for me whatsoever.
Liner notes presented in this rip off Sony style instruction manual.

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