Saturday, May 24, 2014


The Flex- Wild Stabs In The Dark LP (Milk Run/Video Disease)
First Pressing, 2014
Red Vinyl /500

A group that seems to be riding a tidal wave on interest at the moment is The Flex from The UK. On previous posts I've made about this band, I've talked about how they don't seem to be copping the kind of hype I think they deserved outside of their home market, but it looks like things have changed with the release of their debut LP, "Wild Stabs In The Dark". A split release between their own label Milk Run and Video Disease from California, the band are in the middle of something like a six week full tour of the USA with brother's in arms Violent Reaction, certainly an attributing factor to the their sudden wide spread popularity.
I would assume that I wouldn't need to put a massive description into what these guys sound like. I've mentioned it on here a number of times, as have multiple other blogs. Malevolent, knuckle dragging hardcore in the true spirit of Boston '82. Certainly the bands cleanest recording to date, ten songs are presented, all structured around a similar theme; mid to upper tempo arrangements, most containing floor friendly stomp bits, all wrangled together by an intimidating front man.
England certainly seems to be on the front foot at the moment. This album is an excellent example, as are new LP's from Perspex Flesh Mob Rules, and a mentioned new full length from Violent Reaction on Revelation Records before the end of the year.

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Unknown said...

The Flex, Mob Rules and Perspex Flesh arn't just bands from England, but all from the same city - Leeds.