Monday, May 19, 2014


Caged Grave- Gutless 7" (Self Released)
First Pressing, 2014
Black Vinyl /220, Tour Cover /60

An entirely worthy contender for Australian 7" of the year has arrived in the form of the debut EP, "Gutless" from Melbourne's Caged Grave. Obviously I've already bloooged about these guys three times previously in the last seven months, with their three excellent previous releases, but this record is where it's starting to get serious. Hasty, blasting, belligerent Powerviolence would certainly be the most appropriate way to describe the nine original tracks here (along with Left For Dead cover). Noticeably their cleanest recording so far, one of the best things about this band is the fact that they have the ability to record at this level and quality whenever they want, as the percussion section also happens to be an ace recording engineer with his own home studio. Couple that with the fact that as a whole the band has the talent and the means to churn out new songs like I change socks and you know it's a pretty solid bet that we can see more from this band in the next twelve months. Word from the horses mouth is that they're writing for an expected three more releases this year anyway. While I've posted about this black copy I obtained on their recent second trip to Brisbane, the band will also be selling clear copies of 100 in the next week or so via things like big cartel. A US release in the form of a cassette also approaches thanks to Operation Grindcore.

As Craigos is a bit of a home screen-printing wizz, for their recent tour with Ringworm and Against they had these screen printed versions of the cover for sale also. He was telling me that he screened these himself as he wasn't expecting the regular covers to be ready for the tour. Hence why they present the exact same artwork.

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