Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Peacebreakers- Every Day Battle 7" (Rock 'n' Roll Disgrace)
First Pressing, 2013
Black Vinyl /500

I remember the Peacebreakers demo tape landing in 2012, and everyone losing their shit, to an extent, myself included. Though that release possessed a far from quality, yet characterful recording, the tracks presented were catchy enough to vito that poor sound and go on to generate more than a fair share of excitement around the band. Hailing from the Hardcore capital of the world definitely had something to do with it too. That excitement hovered for a good amount of time until the wider release of this first press of their debut EP, "Every Day Battle" emerged early this year. Maybe I just haven't been paying as much attention since I landed my own copy but it certainly seems to have dissipated slightly over the last few months. I can't see why it would though, everything that made that demo excellent is again on display here, albeit in a far more polished form. Six anthems of boisterous, bold Boston hardcore. Fans of the bands contemporaries Boston Strangler will surely bust a nut spinning this 45, as the parallels are many. Simple, fast constructions consisting mostly of crunchy power chords, gruff, throaty vocals, and contentious, 'edgy' lyrics.
While this is a more than listenable record, and worthy of any collection, I have trouble believing that this band would be experiencing half of the popularity that they have in recent years if they weren't from Boston. Good stuff though.


Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this for the past couple of months. Seems like it's sold out everywhere. Damn! -chris

Dustin said...

Hey Chris,

This distro has copies: