Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I don't post about CD's. I rarely buy them. Buying this In Disgust Demo CD was an accident but I guess I won't complain. I've had the bands demo tape listed on my Discogs profile as a 'want' for a year now and in that time not once has it become available. A few weeks back I got my daily email telling me that one had come up for a stupid good price. With little to no proper research of the listing I clicked the buy now option and waited for the invoice to arrive from the seller. I paid for it, and waited patiently for the demo in the mail. Last week and this CD arrived. Surprised and feeling a little duped I headed home to review the listing. In the description portion of the sale, sure enough there was a blurb stating that it was in fact the bands demo on CD-R. It's a good thing I didn't pay a stupid amount for it then I guess. In lieu of one of these mysterious In Disgust demo tapes, I suppose this CD version could possibly be a good insight into what the tape would look like and how it might be packaged. Basic copied grey scale sleeve and insert with a spray painted CD.
For anyone who hasn't heard the stuff here, a good portion of these trax went on to appear on the "Bay Area Thrash III" compilation CD released by 625, and some more were re-recorded for the bands debut 10", "Reality Choke". Relentless American Grindcore, one the best bands to do it in the last 10 years. All of their stuff was/is unfuckwithable. When the hell with that split with SFN finally see the light of day??

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