Thursday, August 22, 2013


Another part of the current surge of great bands using Violent as part of their name comes Chicago's Violent End with their debut s/t 7" pressed by Lengua Armada. I passed over their demo from last year for the most part because of a myriad of other great bands that were consuming my attention at the time and I'm feeling a little silly for it. This is great, pissed, depressing hardcore punk from members of a heap of other well known bands from similar areas including Vile Gash, Manipulation, Chronic Seizure and Raw Nerve. In terms of pin point sound, all four of those aforementioned bands would serve as a pretty good basis as to what expect with Violent End. They employ d-beat a little more often though, and the vocalist probably doesn't' come across as quite as desperate and manic as he does in Vile Gash.


Across Your Face said...

Love this cover... Sad to say I kind of avoided it just because I didn't want to get into another "Violent" band... Violent Minds, Violent Reaction, Violent Future, am I missing any?

Sean said...

you're missing out if you like any of the other bands i mentioned in the post. it's pretty good stuff.