Friday, August 23, 2013


I wouldn't say that I've ever been a huge fan of Power Trip. Their 7" from a couple years back was certainly entertaining, but generally these thrash crossover acts struggle to get my attention usually. Realising that Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder is actually the drummer for this band certainly helped grab my interest a little more. Artwork by the ever impressive Paolo Girardi helps too, but I've preferred other works of his. This is the bands new LP, "Manifest Decimation" pressed by Southern Lord. As stated, this is some pretty straight up thrash hardcore crossover stuff. Razor riffage with mega up tempo skin bashing. Lightly reverbed snare head and delayed vocals. My reference point for this stuff doesn't really extend beyond the second Cro Mags LP,  Leeway and early Iron Age so I have no real idea how I'd compare this to anything in the grand thrash spectrum, all I know is that it's pretty great, better than I expected it to be, and probably the best thing Southern Lord have done since the Nihilist reissue.

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