Saturday, August 24, 2013


This new EP from London's Stab kind of came out of nowhere for me. Followng their first 7" from 2011 I must admit that I kind of just forgot about this band. I like everything they've committed to tape so far, but the brand of hyper speed hardcore that they play can wear a little thin in larger chunks. In my mind I compare them to Vaccine in this respect, but without as much regard. This record is called "Blindness And Lies", it was pressed by the ever impressive Quality Control Records, and I landed the limited press on red wax.
The band certainly haven't strayed far at all from their already tried and tested path of early 80's UKHC worship. As has been said by many people in many places, these guys clearly hold quite the penchant for a handful of those early greats. Ripcord rings the truest obviously, but just about that entire early scene would be rated by the band as influence I am sure. The biggest difference with these new songs is their ultra blown out recording. Loud and abrasive and fast. Seven songs in around seven minutes, they don't fuck around. Cool cross sleeve design ala the second and subsequent pressings of the Violent Reaction EP, of which QC was also responsible for.

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