Sunday, August 25, 2013


As I was writing this post about the latest Eyehategod single from last year "New Orleans Is The New Vietnam" I learned of the death of the bands drummer and founding member Joey LaCaze. I can't say that hearing this news has effected me emotionally in the same way as the passing of say someone like Jeff Hanneman, the band have just never been a big enough part of my life as one like Slayer, but it's certainly sad enough to here of such events. Considering Eyeyhategod's wide influence over the stoner and NOLA metal scene as a whole, and thinking about how his drumming has probably influenced many bands of the same ilk over the last 20 years, it is a sobering, and assumedly unexpected tragedy for some people.
Out with a bang then I guess, as the one song on this 7", the records namesake, is a pretty ripping one. Exactly what you'd expect from the band, it's a slow to mid paced jam centred around Mike's grimy vocals, and resting on a pretty reliable and catchy guitar riff. Running into the four minute territory, for an Eyehategood song, the recording is relatively slick, put down somewhat to the mixing job by the man himself, and godfather of the New Orleans metal scene, Phil Anselmo. I suppose access to modern day equipment likely has something to do with that also, this is after all the first new recording from the group in around 6-7 years.
Pressed and distributed by hardcore label A389 Recordings, the release of this single, and perhaps anything to do with such a band in the first place is a prime example of the ever expanding and developing taste of Domenic Romeo, label owner and guitarist of (now defunct?) Pulling Teeth. I for one was quite surprised when the label first announced the upcoming release of this record. There's been a few more examples like this from Dom over the last 18 months, but this one would have to be the one that has stuck in my mind the most, along possibly with the recent Ilsa records. Split black and orange vinyl of a supposedly limited press, though I managed to casually stumble across this in the regular metal section at Heartland Records in Melbourne for stock price, so who knows how limited it actually is. Discogs doesn't disclose such figures, but when pressed, something like five or six other colour-ways were also committed. The single track on the A side leaves room on the B for some etching of the logo that the band has used loosely over the years.


Dustin said...

Yep, Pulling Teeth is on "indefinite hiatus.". Dom actually plays guitar for Ilsa now too.

Sean said...

Ah we'll I guess that explains him pressing the records a little. Does well to explain further the developments in his taste I suppose.