Monday, August 26, 2013


As I mentioned in my recents Coffins "The Fleshland" post, 20 Buck Spin out of Washington State has recently taken on the task of reissuing the Japanese bands 2008 onslaught, "Buried Death". Unsure of how it compares to the original, but my copy has arrived with a gatefold sleeve and on this hazy sky blue vinyl. Of all of the bands full lengths, until now this one had been the hardest to obtain for new comers to the band like myself. It just so happened that it's the only album of theirs that I really wanted to get my hands on too, mostly because it was the first stuff of theirs that I ever heard, but secondly because of the MEAN breakdown in the albums third track, "Cadaver Blood". Musically speaking, this thing is just about exactly the same as pretty much all of the bands other material; rough, doomy, dirty Death Metal.

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