Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Prime contender for album of the year for me has finally arrived in the form of the brand new Mammoth Grinder full length, "Underworlds", pressed by 20 Buck Spin on this limited blue wax of 227 copies. As always, a larger black wax press was also committed. Following a lead-in single that was originally released over a year ago now, I really wasn't sure about what to expect from this new stuff based purely off the relatively low quality, more punk sounding recording on that previous record. Both of the original tracks on that EP are totally shredding numbers that suit the recording perfectly, but I was really expecting more of a metallic sound as with the bands previous releases. They have delivered here though with what could easily be considered their most high end studio sound to date. Normally such a statement would be a pretty instant turn off, but it seems to work well with Underworlds. I think benefit could have possibly been had from a recording resembling something a little more akin to their  "Extinction Of Humanity" album, the rougher edges, but I suspect that may just be a personal taste judgement of my own. Again, the band seem to have developed and refined their sound further again, relying less on blatant Autopsy/Entombed mash-up and incorporating more of a welcome punk vibe with the more simplistic and less bullshit structures. Chris Ulsh's clear interest in Venom and even Discharge are as evident as ever. There's a couple tracks here that with a less quality recording probably wouldn't be out of place on the upcoming Impalers album. I really wouldn't be surprised to hear if he cherry picks some of his songs for each band as he sees fit. Ten songs here in just under half an hour, the bulk of them of the fast and sharp. Of all of them, there's only one that bores me a little, "Barricades", a mid placed jam with a pretty repetitive riff. Admittedly I do find said riff playing over and over again in my head, so maybe it's not that bad. The closer, "Moral Crux" is a total slow jam introduced with a catchy bass groove and it really reminds me of the bands very early days, as in their first LP, before they took on their more focused metal vibe. Fantastic artwork by none other than Joe Petagno, possibly some of the best work I've seen on any LP in a few years.

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Been thinking about getting this. Maybe if we get it in the shop.