Monday, August 19, 2013


I've said just about everything that I can about Dishammer. Everything they recorded during their short tenure possessed a similar sound and style and all of it was fucking great. This is their split 7" with The Warwolves pressed by Parasitic Records back in 2009. Two tracks from them here, both driven by a fierce d-beat and frantic chords. As expected, the ultra blown out recording is in full effect, and of their entire catalogue I think this one is the loudest. The two tracks could arguably some of their best too.
What I know about The Warwolves is minimal at best. I know they're from Oregon and that they play a dirty, punk tinged form of vague Death Metal. Blasts are intact, as are the filthy riffs and tremolo picking. The singers down trodden vocals are also smothered in a thick layer of reverb. The recording lends itself heavily to a pretty punk vibe and I suspect that's what they was going for. From what I can tell the band were never really involved in any other releases other than this, which is a shame, because their two songs here are pretty great.

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