Thursday, August 1, 2013


Bootleg records don't make up a massive part of my collection but I'm certainly not opposed to them. I'll always chase down a boot if it's from a band I really like. There just hasn't been that many worth my time over the years. Technically speaking could this EP be rated as a boot or just some kind of fan club release? I'm speaking about the Insect Warfare boot 7" from a few years ago, otherwise known as the "Information Economy" 7". Released by some kind of one-off entity called 'Teraphic Dekay Records', a cue to Seraphic Decay Records I suppose, the songs here originally appeared on the first volume of the "This Comp Kills Fascists" compilation LP. I guess someone at some point has felt the need to provide these tracks with their own sole release. I grabbed this from the Painkiller Records webstore when it first floated for around $10, and worth that $10 it certainly was. Some of the bands better stuff. 300 copies pressed, all with this 45 hole. My cover is on yellow card obviously, but the display pic on Discogs shows a blue sleeve, so I would assume that there's probably a few colours getting around out there.

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