Wednesday, July 31, 2013


We all know I lord Insect Warfare. No secret there. This is their split EP with Carcass Grinder pressed by Psychocontrol Records. I specifically picked this record out of the handful of IW stuff I've never had the chance to post about on here because of the track "Pestilent Excruciation". It would be my absolute favourite track of their's for a couple of reasons. For one, the mid paced, groove heavy intro complete with a few of Rahi's perfect grunts and groans is one of the best things in heavy music ever. Secondly, the track never appeared on any of their other released recordings. Third, the recording on their side of the EP as a whole would be one of the most perfect recordings coupled to a modern grind record. It's loud, clear and heavy. It's certainly the biggest recording the band achived over their entire discogarphy too.
Carcass Grinder from Japan don't grab me in the same way. But what really could?? Their contribution here is fun in it's own right. It's borderline fast core though, they rarely hit moments of grind, but of all of the stuff I've heard of theirs, this would be my favourite. The recording is the loudest, and the songs seem the most tight. It's just really hard to stack up to a band of the utter power of one like Insect Warfare.

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