Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Digging into the archives and I've found that I've never posted properly about my copy of the Crossed Out s/t 7" pressed by Slap A Ham in 1991. Probably seems a bit odd I guess considering that the bands stark and obvious influence resonates in around 60% of the stuff I post about here. To me this is THE Power Violence record to measure all other Power Violence records against. I feel that some others may rate the MITB split over this one, but when I think about what typifies perfect music of this style, it's all the tracks here. The droned, repetitive chords offset with blast beats. The downtrodden recording tone. Dallas' harsh, yelled vocals. This groups sound can be heard in all of modern day's best PV bands to some extent. A couple of the their iconic songs in "He-Man" and "Crutch" can also be found on this slab, the recording would arguably be their tidiest, and you can't go past the instantly recognisable cover art. Depressing music.

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Dustin said...

Easily my favorite release of the first wave pv bands.