Saturday, August 3, 2013


Like the Crossed Out EP, I'd say that Skull Fucked would be indebted a reasonable amount to the Neanderthal "Fighting Music" 7". Commonly rated amongst many who know as the record/band that started it all, the influence that lies within the grooves of this thing is phenomenally wide spread across modern music of similar strains today. One of my absolute favourite modern bands derive their name from a song on this EP.  This is 'proto-PV' in it's true incarnation. No description I'd make would truly do this band justice, and I suspect most who read this blog would already by largely familiar with everything going on here anyway. This is just an excuse for me to show off my copy. Black vinyl of the wider press, I secured this on eBay years ago. A much rarer purple press exists too, which doesn't pop up too often.

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Dustin said...

Extremely jealous of this one. I've been trying to secure a copy for so long now.