Sunday, June 2, 2013


The last time I had the opportunity to post about the masterful Dishammer from Spain was back at the beginning of 2011 when I spoke about their post mortus discography cassette tape. As mentioned in that post, their debut LP, "Vintage Addiction", pressed by the mighty Hells Headbangers was at the time a massive priority for me in the 'to get' stakes. Forgiving a little apathy on my part over the last couple of years, the record has remained a leading want, despite the very apparent lack of copies available anywhere online or in the real world. It seems that those who know about this band aren't willing to let go of their copies of this record because they know just how good it is. These days you can find just about everything for sale in at least one store on Discogs, but even this regular gatefold black vinyl variation rarely shows up there or on eBay for that matter, and when it does it doesn't normally sell for anything less than $50 plus postage. Don't get me started about the die hard white vinyl pressing.
So when my daily 'new items for sale in your want list' email showed up from Discogs a couple of weeks back and this record was included from a German seller for a relatively handsome sum (still ended up costing me around $55 including the international postage via DHL), I decided to bite the bullet and commit to the purchase. I don't regret it. One of the best albums to come from any band anywhere in the world in the last five years (pressed in 2008, though I think I said it was pressed in 2006 in that post about their tape). Pure d-beat punk metal mayhem. No other band sounds quite like this, and no other band attempting anything resembling this style sounds this fucking top shelf. As with all of the bands material, this album was tracked live, over the course of a few sessions in early 2008, and I think the spirited end result is one of the main reasons why I am so fond of it. It's raw as fuck without being unlistenable. The guitar feedback that leads into most songs produces a pretty obvious rattle in the snare head, and you can here it loud and clear here. It's like a filthy combination of Hellhammer, Venom, Discharge and Motörhead. Dopi (read- Machetazo's drummer) posesses arguably one of the coolest and most unique vocal gargling approaches in Europe, and the pure quality of the songs is just jaw dropping. These isn't a bad song on this album, and with that, I don't think there's a single stinker in the bands entire discography.

If you like it raw and dirty, you should not pass up this band. They broke up in 2010, but not before unleashing another MLP, a split 7" with The Warwolves and a limited 7" single. Here's the highlight of "Vintage Addiction"...

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