Friday, May 31, 2013


More Violent Arrest stuff, this time their 2011 LP, "Tooth And Nail". Again, no excuse why I've ignored this band for as long as I have. Somehow they just managed to get lost amongst the hundreds of groups that I've been jamming over the last 12 months I guess. This record was a joint pressing between Boss Tuneage, Farewell Records and Tadpole Records. 500 copies on black vinyl.
Though this was the first VA stuff that I heard, I'm not as into this record quite as much as last night's post subject. Musically it runs a relatively similar course to that of their debut album; fast, three chord hardcore, but the recording is just a little too refined and hence looses a good chunk of the raw power that was so prominent on that LP. The band also manage to slow the manic tempo down a bit a couple of times here. The songs in question are fun and really hooky, but I've found with this band that they excite me the most when they're going at a million miles an hour. This album is still very fucking good though, just not quite as strong as earlier music of theirs.

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