Thursday, May 30, 2013


I wouldn't blame you for arguing that it's been pretty bad form for me to have ignored the UK's Violent Arrest for as long as I have. A unit since around the mid noughties or so, the stuff they play could be described pretty accurately as the kind of hardcore that I generally find the most interest in; simple, fast, gruff, three chord punk. Coupled with the fact that I'm pretty smitten with a heap of new upcoming UK groups as of late, and this bands strong links to 80's UK powerhouse speed freaks, Ripcord, you could down right label me as ignorant to this bands quality. Until the last few weeks that is.
This is their first s/t LP from 2006 pressed by Deranged Records. Mine's on black vinyl. Unsure of any further pressing details, though I'm assuming that there must be a pretty wide press, as I picked this up on Discogs for a song. Of the material of the bands that I have managed to hear so far (around half of it), this is my favourite. Just relentless, angry hardcore that takes strong influence from a handful of the 80's US east coast stalwarts. A Jerry's Kids cover goes along way to solidify that vibe. The recording here is the best; not overdone, though not sounding like shit. And all the elements seem to be mixed perfectly. Nothing's drowned, and nothing's too far in front. The singer's stark UK accent also gives the band a bit of a UK Oi! vibe, though the band rarely slows to any kind of tempo that could be considered fitting of that style of punk.
Coincidently the band have just released a new 12" single via Boss Tuneage. Maybe I need to investigate that one.


Bill said...

The vocals sound like The Business. I actually just checked these guys out for the first time. I haven't heard too much UK based hardcore, so I might have to pick this album up myself. Nice pick up, man.

Thomo said...

there is also a red vinyl version of this record