Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I don't know much about Barge other than the fact that they are from Richmond and they play raging, powerful, fast hardcore. Following a demo tape from last year, this is their debut 7", "No Gain". Pressed by Vinyl Conflict. Before this record was released I had never heard of the band and that surprises me a little because this is the kind of stuff that's right up my alley usually. I've seen in a few places in the last fortnight or so people more or less labelling them as a half PV half more traditional kind of hardcore band and I guess that description isn't hugely off the mark. The immediate impression I got when I first spun this thing was of that more modern, fast hardcore thing ala Coke Bust and the like. I think you could attribute that one down to the LOUD recording and the mosh driven breakdowns. The frantic tempos, fitful song structures and Denunzio impressions though, really make this record more of a PV geared release, and the great release that it is.

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