Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I touched on Funebrarum from New Jersey around a year ago when I blogged about their split 7" with Undergang from Copenhagen. Since that record they've been a little quiet, though I've heard rumour of work on a new LP going on. Maybe we'll see something next year? Something a little relevant to the nature of this blog perhaps; Daryl from Citizens Arrest, Assück, Disma, etc fronts this band for those not in the know.
This is their second LP from 2009, "The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams". Until the end of last year, for newcomers like me, coming across affordable copies of this record was virtually impossible. That was until Cyclone Empire decided to repress it on black vinyl. What you get here is just searing, barbaric American Death Metal. The recording is clear and heavy and Daryl hits low notes only hinted at with his work in Assück. Pretty much some of the best stuff coming out of the East Coast of the USA.


awzer said...

you should check out NJ's Sever The King if your looking for the heaviest east Death Metal

markxboulton said...

Where did you get this from Sean?

markxboulton said...

I've only got the cd of this one... Would love the record