Sunday, May 19, 2013


Finally managed to pick up a copy of this fantastic LP in the last few weeks, the second and last album, "Divided We Fall" from Californian grind legends Excruciating Terror. As I'm trying to scratch together enough money to buy a house at the moment I'm using a heap more to secure my goods as it's a lot more stable (all BIN stuff, no auctions). I have used it a few times over the last few years, but lately I've been using it almost exclusively. One of the first LP's I decided to pick when I first started taking it more seriously was this amazing slab.
I'd argue that this band would be equally as responsible for the way modern grindcore sounds as Napalm Death, certainly the no frills, zero gimmick, all up tempo stuff that I listen to anyway. The majority of their songs were just fast 1-2-1-2 or d-beat numbers, peppered everywhere with intense blasts. Vocals were of the typical guttural growls offset by the high end shriek style. Exactly the kind of stuff I like, no experimental shit, no stupid noodley guitar bits, just fast fast fast three chord numbers. Active for around eight years in the 90's, they released a handful of stuff, but I'd have to say that this album of theirs is my favourite. The album that preceded this only saw a vinyl release in 2010 (originally released as CD only in 1996), and I'll be blogging about that in the next few weeks I think. They broke up soon after the release of this album and members went on to form other bands, most notably the group Bloody Phoenix. I've paid a small amount of attention to that band over the years, and they're okay, but they don't come anywhere near this bands recorded output. It may also be worth noting that Dino Cazares of Fear Factory had his startings in an early incarnation of this band, but he left before they started to get really good. Top shelf American grindcore.

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Duncan said...

Pretty close to my favourite album ever, the B side especially is flawless.