Tuesday, June 4, 2013


As mentioned in the last fortnight, here's my second pick up from Cali grind shit heads Excruciating Terror, in their first album "Expression Of Pain". Originally released on CD by Theologian Records back in 1996, it was only given the vinyl treatment in 2010 by Insane Society. 525 copies on black vinyl.
The band certainly honed in further on the craft with the LP after this one, there's a certain less focused approach here, though it's still largely a pure grind record. The blasts definitely aren't as hectic, and the band allow more often for slower moments to worm their way into the madness. The recording is noticeably more dense than the later stuff too, and it does add a bit of a different dimension to the songs. Vocals are still of that gurgled, groaned style that to me define this style of music. I don't need lyrics, just give me grunts and screams. In general this LP is just as good as "Divided We Fall", the album that seemed to set the benchmark for a lot of good grindcore, just different.

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