Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Perhaps a little off the regular Skull Fucked subject matter tonight is this recent pick up in a new reissue of "Are You Experienced" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This thing's been pressed many different times over the years in various different packages and this copy is a reissue of the original UK Mono version pressed by Track Records back in 1967. The same cover they used on that initial press. This is the version I grew up listening to my father listen to when I was quite young so it's always the cover and mix I've correlated with being the only version. Months after this original album was released in the UK and throughout Europe, Reprise Records out of the US committed to the Northern American Stereo version with vastly differing artwork and a modified track listing. A handful of songs were omitted completely in favour for the inclusion of a few of the bands earlier singles that hadn't appeared on the UK version. Two of those songs would have to be my favourite Hendrix songs hands down ("Hey Joe" and "Purple Haze"), but neither of them are on this record here.

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Arekusu said...

Thanks for posting this! I wasn't aware of this original cover or track listing. I hope you post other diverse records from your collection.