Thursday, June 6, 2013


It's cool that one of history's greater grind bands hailed from Australia. More precisely Melbourne. I speak of Warsore. Perhaps why such a high concentration of our nations purist grind bands spawn in the 'culture' capital? Heavily active for around 10 years from the mid 90's onwards, the bulk of their recorded material is spectacularly low quality, home recorded stuff with no real fidelity. Lucky then that all of their stuff was brilliantly written, no bullshit grind. The kind of stuff that I have advocated in good grind bands many times on this blog over the years.
This EP of theirs, some of their later material, the "Brutal Reprisal" 7" was pressed in 2003 by Psychocontrol Records. The sound, to be realistic isn't that great, but it's one their recordings that has always stuck with me the most, alongside their contributions to the splits with GBN, IRF, UG and Nee! I've said it a million times on here, I doubt I could really present anything new. It's just great, heavily abrasive grind core. Break neck blasts, d-beats, three chord wailers, bowel twisting bass, trash bag vocals.

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