Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Newest cassette release from the ever powerful Rain On The Parade Records out of Canberra. The 2005 rehearsal tape from the now defunct Hard Luck. Certainly one of the greatest hardcore bands to come out of Australia in the last ten years, this tape and their earlier stuff (their demo, the split with Faux Hawks and the 'What Went Wrong" EP) that followed this is simple, great hardcore. What you get here is definitely a rough cut of the band in their formative period. There's a couple covers from bands like DYS and Negative Approach amongst others and that's a good indication of the kind of angle Hard Luck played at. Most of the stuff here saw reincarnations in the aforementioned later releases, so I suspect that the only real reason you'd want this is of you were a proper Hard Luck fan. Worthy release for the proper collector maybe?

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